March Vision Source Visionaries

The Vision Source Visionary Award honors Vision Source doctors and/or practices who went above and beyond the call of duty to support eye health and “create” more 2020 vision in 2020.

Our first Vision Source Visionary, Dr. Chavez with Budaful Eyes, provided ten free eye exams and glasses to a group of patients referred to him by the Salvation Army.
Our second Vision Source Visionary, Dr. Tania Mantua, participated in a clinic sponsored by Lions In Sight (LIS) in Costa Rica. She and seven additional volunteer optometrists and optometry students saw 1750 patients. The clinic was a great success bringing together optometrists and opticians, nurses and pharmacy students from the USA and Costa Rica to provide care to those in need!

Special thanks to Dr. Chavez and Dr. Mantua for going above and beyond in delivering eye care to those in your communities and internationally! We’re proud to have you part of the Vision Source family.