February Vision Source Visionary


The Vision Source Visionary Award honors Vision Source doctors and/or practices who went above and beyond the call of duty to support eye health and “create” more 2020 vision in 2020.

Vision Source is proud to announce Studio 20/20 as the February Vision Source Visionary. Their wonderful staff Jin Daleo (VSR Facilitator), Laura Watkins, Jennifer DaQuano, Nia Bennafield, Jessica Woliver, Renee Marcoux, Amanda Galloway, and doctors, Dr. Amir Khoshnevis, Dr. Kristin O’Brien, and Dr. Ariel Cerenzie volunteered at the inaugural launch of the 2020 Mobile Vision Clinic Tour and provided free eye exams and corrective eye wear to 116 families of the Boys and Girls Club in Charlotte, NC.

Click here to see a full video from the events.


Vision Source is investing significant resources into capitalizing on the unique opportunity the year 2020 brings to promote Vision Source practices by launching its first nationwide cause-based marketing initiative, Vision Source 2020. The campaign aims to raise awareness on the importance of eye health by offering free eye exams and lenses to underprivileged people across the country via a Mobile Vision Clinic as well as touting the 20 million eye exams Vision Source doctors are anticipated to provide. In order to further the initiative, Vision Source is encouraging its members to give back and get involved in their local communities through the Vision Source Visionary program.